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NNE Practicum Guidelines

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Guidelines for Preparation of the Teaching Practicum Portfolio
     Nursing Education (NNE 7305) and (NNE 7206) requires every student to complete a teaching practicum. The practicum requires at least two (2) presentations both in theory and skill demonstration classes for observation and evaluation. Your classroom experience will, in most cases online or through the nursing skills laboratory. This requirement must be met before you will be given credits and a passing mark.  There are four phases of the teaching practicum, as described below:
Phase One. Preparation
     The student must select a topic and skill to be presented for a one hour class and prepare teaching plans that contain learning outcomes, contents and evaluation materials.
Phase 2. Arrangement And Planning
     Arrange with your group members when to present the topic and skill demonstration. Demonstration can be done in the RAKCON nursing skills resource center, home and the hospital provided the required materials are complete.

Note: For planning lessons, you must use the approved lesson plan template.
Phase 3. Two 15-minute videos of your teaching.
     You are required to record and send a two 15-minute videos from your theory class and skill demonstration. These videos must show clear examples of your students engaged in actual teaching and learning activities.  Videos of students without clear identification will not be accepted.

Note: Make sure to obtain any permission required. Examples of high quality teaching videos which show student learning might include:
    • Presenting a two (15)fifteen (15) minute theory class and skills demonstration with the cohort, classmates or group mates that reflect a group followed by some video of students engaged in the learning task.
    • Teacher–student interaction (one-on-one, in pairs, or in groups)
    • Providing feedback that furthers learning (during or after a task)
    • Providing differentiated instruction focused on the subject matter taught
    • Using informal assessment to gauge learners’ comprehension and production

Phase Four. Students will produce and submit a portfolio.
     The purpose of this product is twofold: (1) to serve as a basis of evaluation for your teaching practicum (2) to showcase your skills in nursing education. Your portfolio must contain the following:
    1. An introductory section, in which you describe your own experience and background (a brief narrative of your related teaching experience).
    2. Copies of your two approved teaching plans, i.e., your theory and practical demonstration.
    3. A copy of your video either in a disc or USB drives.
Note: The teaching portfolio must be submitted a week after you finished your actual rotation.
Useful Downloadable Materials
1. Guidelines for Preparation of the Teaching Practicum Portfolio - (Download here)
2. Template of Teaching Plan Dr. Arnel v2020 - (Download here)
3. Marking criteria for teaching demonstration - (Download here)
Teaching Demonstration (Theory)
Skills Demonstration Class
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