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Dr. Arnel with Dr. Daniel Kanehman, 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Behavioral Economics and author of "Thinking Fast and Slow".
Dr. Arnel with Dr. Philip Zimbardo of the Stanford Experiment during the Psychologists' night at the Smithsonian Institute.
Dr. Arnel with Dr. Martin Seligman, award winning author and psychologist and founder of positive psychology movement.
Pre-op Family Support
Medication from Ampule
Safe Medications
Physical Assessment
The Branden Scale
Wound Assessment
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Resource Speaker
Nasotracheal Suctioning
IV Therapy (CDC)
Apical Pulse
Glasgow Coma Scale
Book Launching
Tracheostomy Care
Basic Principles of Care
Transdermal Patch
Safety and Restraints
The International Institute for Functional Emotive Existential Therapy (iFEET) is established to provide training and personality development for the employees of multinational companies, design and develop curriculum, provide consultancy for the opening of schools with Philippine curriculum in all parts of the world, assess in the establishment of guidance, counselling and school psychology programs for basic and tertiary edcation. 

Brief Information on Advocacy

The iFEET.org conducts extensive work online and offline to further its mission of suicide prevention, awareness, and support. In addition to operating iFEET, which is the largest and most-visited suicide-related site in the world, we own and operate numerous additional critical sites and we constantly develop new sites.

In addition to assisting suicidal individuals and suicide survivors, we have assisted - and continue to assist - other victims of natural disasters, as well as individuals with other disorders, problems, and challenges. 

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