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Welcome to iFEET Telehealth Psychology
    Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being.
     As a solution-focused, experiential, pragmatic and existential psychotherapist, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. 
    If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Please call or email me for individual, couples or family therapy consultation today. 
     For appointment, use this QR Code:

Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist

Who is your Psychologist & Psychotherapist?

Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist
     I am educated and trained as a clinical and school psychologist with a terminal degree in psychology (Doctor of Psychology major in Clinical Psychology). Every so often, I conduct counseling and psychotherapy sessions using eclectic techniques. Currently, I am involved in the indigenization of psychological inventories, psychometric testing, and psychological test scale inventory development. 
    As an academic psychologist, I teach psychology & behavioral sciences to allied medical students. I wrote the best-selling Psychology for Nurses published by McGraw-Hill Education in 2009. I am currently an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA) with membership in various divisions.
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Remote Therapy & Telehealth Psychology

          With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic I am happy to announce that I am offering remote therapy & telehealth psychology to provide you with high quality psychological, innovative therapeutic interventions while maintaining a high standard of excellence in mental health service. Since I am both trained in Clinical and School psychology, I handle the following services with utmost care and confidentiality:

  1. Behavior management and therapy to children who manifest problems in school. My work with children is also focused in assisting them with a number of issues including:
    1. Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    2. Specific Learning Disability
    3. Adjustment Issues
    4. Behavioral Problems
  2.  Assess, diagnosis, consult, evaluate and provide treatment planning for complex presentations. This will also include the provision of evidence-based individual psychotherapeutic interventions that foster self-determination, hope, is person-centered, goal directed and focuses on personal strength
  3. Ensure the process of transfer and/or discharge of care is undertaken in a timely and effective manner, including written/verbal communication to all relevant parties and the completion of statistical and outcome measures
  4. Implement, monitor and review treatment plans
  5. The additional services that I offer are:
    1. Intelligence, learning disability &personality assessment
    2. Consultation and management for ADHD, Autism and other childhood disorders
    3. Psychotherapy-CBT & Mindfulness, DBT & EFT
    4. Couples & Marital Therapy
    5. Counselling services for chronic medical conditions
    6. Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders, Self-Harm & Addictive Behaviour
  6. As a of my service offering remote psychotherapy and telehealth psychology, I also do the following
      • Screening of children at risk for developmental delays
      • Assessment of children with pervasive developmental disorders (Autism)
      • Poor academic performance and learning disabilities
      • Intelligence assessment
      • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessment
      • Neuropsychological assessment.
      • Helping couples and families to deal with marital and family issues
      • Pre- marital counselling
      • Pre-marital and couple compatibility assessment
      • Parenting skill training
      • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for depression and anxiety disorders (Social anxiety, health anxiety and panic attacks)
      • Helping to deal with Divorce and separation
      • Therapy for behavioral problems in children and adolescents
      • Management of poor motivation and Internet addiction
      • Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (helping to deal with Concentration difficulties, impulsivity and poor time management)
      • Smoking cessation

Brief Biographical Background & Professional Qualifications
Brief Biographical Background
         I am an experienced academic, college dean, school administrator, principal, practitioner, and clinician. I have a very strong academic background in educational management and leadership with a professional doctoral degree in education. I am also educated and trained as a clinical and school psychologist with a professional doctoral degree in psychology. Every so often, I conduct counseling and psychotherapy sessions using eclectic techniques. Currently, I am involved in the indigenization of psychological inventories, psychometric testing, and psychological test scale inventory development. As a nurse-psychologist and licensed professional teacher, I taught courses ranging from undergraduate to doctoral courses in many recognized schools, university colleges, and universities all over the world helping students to be trained in their chosen careers and achieve their full potentials.
          Like the founder of psychiatric nursing, Dr. Hildegard E. Peplau who was a nurse and a clinical psychologist, I too was encouraged to become a school and clinical psychologist after getting my nursing and teaching qualifications to further address the psychological and mental health needs of my patients. At some point, I also entered a catholic seminary and was educated in philosophy and theology. This religious instruction and seminary education helped me to place God above all in my endeavors and be compassionate and understanding to the predicament of my students.
          At present, I am engaged in several research projects as an individual researcher and collaborator. Among the projects that I am working on now are “The Psychology of SHARED Consciousness”; “The Development of SHARED Theory as a New Model of Nursing Care”; and the “The Psychology of the Migrant Workers”. I am quite comfortable in coming out with original subjects and research projects since I am trained in my graduate studies to come out with the indigenization of new psychometric tests and theory development. My education, experiences, and training allowed me to practice the three-pronged career that helped me become a productive member of the community.

Professional Doctoral Qualifications
          Since I am employed by the government of the United Arab Emirates as an assistant professor in one of its local universities, the government required equivalency from the Ministry of Education of all my academic certificates as well as a positive Primary Source Verification (PSV) of all my credentials through Dataflow. Some UAE government entities rely on DataFlow Group to check the authenticity of qualifications since it has emerged as the leading international provider to do background screening and immigration compliance solutions in order to guarantee the highest levels of information integrity that we present to the licensing authorities. As such, all my five-degree certificates and the two professional doctoral degrees have been positively verified by Dataflow, CrossCheck, and recorded in perpetuity at myTrueProfile, as such:

        1. Doctor of Education (EdD). This professional doctoral degree prepared me to become a practitioner in educational leadership and management roles such as basic and postsecondary education administrator and chief academic officer, i.e. as a senior-level professional who drives and develops strategies that help my organization to meet its critical business and academic goals.

        1. Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). This professional doctoral degree prepared me to have a direct practice in clinical psychology that allowed me to apply scientific knowledge and deliver empirically-based service to individuals, groups, and organizations using eclectic techniques and other forms of psychotherapies.

          My three pronged career allowed to be productive and helpful to my family and community. I practiced my three professions concurrently and complementary to become effecter teacher and nurse-psychologist. As a health worker and academic, my credentials have been PSV certified by Dataflow and stored in perpetuity at MyTrueProfile.

1. M014-2201-935144 (PsyD_MOE)                                           2. M006-2112-911703 (MOHAP)
                                      Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)                                                                              Doctor of Psychology (PsyD); Doctor of Education (EdD); PGDiploma

             3. M006-2107-815215 (PsyD_MOHAP)                                             4.  M006-2108-832393 (MOHAP)
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)                                                                                BS Nursing; MA Nursing
Fig. 1. The Dataflow Positive PSV Certifications of all my academic credentials, i.e. PsyD, EdD, MAN, BSN for MOHAP anf MoE, UAE

A. Clinical & School Psychology
          I am educated and trained as a clinical and school psychologist with Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Psychology qualifications. Every so often, I conduct counseling and psychotherapy sessions using CBT, REBT, logotherapy, and eclectic techniques. Currently, I am involved in the indigenization of psychological inventories; psychometric testing, and psychological test scale inventory development. I served as a consultant in the setting up of school psychology and guidance counseling departments of several schools in the Philippines and Malaysia. As a result of my graduate school thesis and dissertation, I developed and validated a psychometric instrument called Self-Worth Scale Inventory (SWOSI). This instrument is widely used now in the Philippines and other countries to measure the self-worth of students and adolescents. For now, my research is focused on the psychology of migrant workers. As an academic psychologist, I teach Psychology & Behavioral Sciences for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, and Nursing students apart from specialty courses like Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. I wrote the best-selling Psychology for Nurses published by McGraw-Hill Education in 2009. I am currently an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA) with membership in various divisions like theoretical psychology, philosophical psychology, and clinical psychology. I am also an inductee of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) - Honor Society of Nursing. As an academic, I authored many books, contributed book chapters, and published a number of peer-reviewed research articles in many reputable peer-reviewed journals.

B. Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator
          I have over 30 years of experience as a bedside nurse, nurse administrator (chief nurse), clinical instructor, founding dean of a college, and a nurse-academic teaching various courses in basic (BSN, RN-BSN) and advanced nursing programs (MSN, Ph.D.). I earned my nursing qualifications (B.Sc. Nursing), Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN), and Doctor of Education (EdD.) degrees from the Philippines which are all equalized in 2015 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR now MOE) in the United Arab Emirates. I am registered and qualified to practice in the Philippines (Roll No. 0228576), Malaysia (TPC No. T3394) and the United Arab Emirates (RN010205). I am trained and certified as a psychiatric nurse instructor by the National Center of Mental Health (NCMH). I teach psychology & behavioral sciences for medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing students as well as nursing education and psychiatric mental health nursing as specialty courses. I also wrote several books that include Psychology for Nurses published by McGraw-Hill and contributed to writing the Philippine contents for the Oxford Handbook of Nursing and Midwifery series. I am currently an active voting member of the American Psychological Association (APA) with memberships in several APA divisions. Recently, I was invited and inducted as a full voting member of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) - Honor Society of Nursing, Phi Gamma chapter. In June 2017, I was appointed to become a member of the STTI Technology Committee. As an academic, I authored many books, contributed book chapters, and published a number of peer-reviewed research articles in many reputable peer-reviewed journals.

C. Licensed Professional Teacher
          I am trained and educated as a professional school teacher with a secondary school teaching license (LPT, Licensed Professional Teacher – Secondary Science & Biology) issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). I have advanced terminal degrees in teaching like Doctor of Education (EdD.) major in Educational Management, MA Education, and Professional Certificate in teaching under the DOST-SEI-RSTC scholarship program (Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute - Regional Science Teaching Center. All my certificates were equalized by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR), UAE in 2015. My experiences as an educational leader are ranging from becoming a basic education school principal to higher education as dean of a college. Needless to say, I also started as a classroom teacher and adviser teaching high school sciences such as Biology and Chemistry. From time to time, I am engaged in curriculum development, educational consultancy, facilitating and training teachers with various teaching methodologies like Problem Based Learning (PBL), Case-Based Learning (CBL), and Team-Based Learning (TBL). My specializations include educational leadership & management, psychology, mental health, human resource development and management, research and statistics (SPSS), institutional research, and counseling. Currently, I am serving as an international chief editor, editorial board member, series editor, and editorial consultant of various international peer-reviewed journals and book publications. I have authored several books and published several research papers in reputable international scientific journals.

Dr. Arnel with Dr. Daniel Kanehman, 2002 Nobel Prize winner in Behavioral Economics and author of "Thinking Fast and Slow".
Dr. Arnel with Dr. Philip Zimbardo of the Stanford Experiment during the Psychologists' night at the Smithsonian Institute.
Dr. Arnel with Dr. Martin Seligman, award winning author and psychologist and founder of positive psychology movement.
Pre-op Family Support
Medication from Ampule
Safe Medications
Physical Assessment
The Branden Scale
Wound Assessment
Resource Speaker
Nasotracheal Suctioning
IV Therapy (CDC)
Apical Pulse
Glasgow Coma Scale
Book Launching
Tracheostomy Care
Basic Principles of Care
Transdermal Patch
Safety and Restraints
         The International Institute for Functional Emotive Existential Therapy (iFEET) is established to provide training and personality development for the employees of multinational companies, design and develop curriculum, provide consultancy for the opening of schools with Philippine curriculum in all parts of the world, assess in the establishment of guidance, counselling and school psychology programs for basic and tertiary edcation. 
Brief Information on Advocacy
         The iFEET.org conducts extensive work online and offline to further its mission of suicide prevention, awareness, and support. In addition to operating iFEET, which is the largest and most-visited suicide-related site in the world, we own and operate numerous additional critical sites and we constantly develop new sites.
         In addition to assisting suicidal individuals and suicide survivors, we have assisted - and continue to assist - other victims of natural disasters, as well as individuals with other disorders, problems, and challenges. 

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