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Everyday is an extraordinary day

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by Arnel Banaga Salgado (A Reprint - 17/Jun/2010 11:28:49 PM)

Today seems to be an ordinary day. But if you think if what is happening every second, you cannot believe because miracles come all the time to transform your ordinary day to extraordinary one. Why? A miracle happened to me today. What is that? - Now I know that I am a live, happy while playing with my son.

I started my day praying the christian prayer, after that I realized that God loves us so much. My depression has long been gone and this depression is transformed into hope. At 8 am, when I finished my prayer, I saw my son starting his day with his beloved computer and PSP, while I wen to prepare his food joyfully. The thing that did was a routine for me for the past two months while my wife was away. I did not appreciate then because perhaps of my depression, or I was simply too tired to work. Since I am on vacation for a week, my mind was rested, and I freed myself from a depreesing work environment.

I fried the chiscken wings that I food from the supermarket two days ago. I cooked around 12 pieces thinking that these would be the food of my son for tomorrow since I will be leaving to Singapore for a job interview. Hopefully, I will get it. But before I realized it, my son started to eat them all and I was surprized, since he does not want to eat whatever I cooked at home. It is only today that he appreciated the food that I cooked as I enjoyed also his company.

This is a life miracle that made my life for today an extra ordinary one.
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