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And after this our exile

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by Arnel Banaga Salgado (A Reprint - July 4, 2010)

For the whole weekends, I and my son stayed at home enjoying each other's company as he devoured his books and played endlessly with his PSP, laptop and the PS2 as I on the other hand was trying to complete my dissertation which I would be defending on July 22. Hopefully, I will get my Doctor of Education degree.

Before I decided to live in Malaysia, I was trying to complete it. Unfortunately, the turn of events did not come to my favor and I was forced to come and practice here. It was not good to live in a foreign land because we felt that we were alone, unprotected and descriminated. Although, I made a lot of friends here who were willing to help me and my family as I made also some enemies who thought that they knew better because they were Malaysians and foreigners like me were not allowed to write books and do research. We were hired simply to teach and not do other things. This was so difficult to swallow but I could not do anything because I have nowehere to go.

Two weeks ago, I went to Singapore for an interview hoping that the offer would be good and the working environment would be friendly as in the Philippines where jealousy and power play were not parts of the working vocabularies. I met also my high school friend, Jerry Angel whom I did not see for about twenty years. It was a reunion that would take place for about an hour, yet the meeting was seemingly endless. We only talked about our families, plans and our high school days. Those were the days when we were carefree but the life was much better and more enjoyable.We did not have to struggle. We only needed to study and compete academically.

Now I am old, everyday is seemingly a struggle. I do not know if tomorrow I will still have my job. My other child is arriving six months from now and I am not sure if I can afford to have him. Although, his coming is a miracle better than my job, money and fame. After all, I can be like Dr. Chai, a well known researcher and academician in Singapore who turned taxi driver. God will never forsake me. The reality that I am alive everyday is a already a miracle that needs to be treasured. 
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