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Stay with the LORD when you suffer and in PAIN

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by Arnel Banaga Salgado (A Reprint - 02/May/2010 7:39:53 AM)

Lord, help me remember that there is nothing that will happen to me today that YOU and I cannot handle. Help me always to remember that YOU are greater than any problem I have! O with YOUR continuous protection help me bear today and in the future all my burdens, troubles, suffering, anxiety and all the sources of my pain. I know that you know all my needs before I ask from YOU. Protect me always from the influence of the devil and remind me always that YOU alone are enough, YOU are my SHEPHERD, there is nothing that I want. Dear Lord, continuously watch over me, and keep me, my son, my wife and my loved ones in your love...Amen[/i][/color]

Life is difficult. Last night, I was watching the face of my son while he was sleeping soundly, when I suddenly asked myself, "What is your future?" - It sounds crazy, but right now, I am feeling so alone, lonely and anxious because I do not know what is in store for me. I suffered enough from my own doing - and it looks like I will still be suffering until the end. I am not attending everyday mass since I am posted at the hospital in the afternoon shift for the past two weeks, that leave six more weeks to go without daily mass. The mass and the sacrament of confession used to keep me strong as I tackle my day to day pain and suffering, despite of the pressure that my workplace brought to me. Now, I only attend the Saturday sunset or the anticipated mass and sometime the Sunday mass, and I feel that this is not enough. God was good to me, but I was not good to my promises to him. I let the devil worked and reigned over me - as a result, I face disillusionment, pain and suffering.

Now my wife is away from me forawhile, I feel so alone - and that I failed to PRAY always, that is why I have this sufferings. LORD please guide me and protect me always. I love you.
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